Friday, February 22, 2008

Low and Fro

Two great photos from yesterday in Fort Myers:

Globe Photo by Jim Davis
Mike Lowell, Dustin Pedrioa and Kevin Youkilis played an intense round round ping pong tournament yesterday for Comcast Sports Net. I guess Youk claimed he could beat anyone, if someone would just set up a table. So CSNE did. And apparently, Mikey whomped them both. Here he is, accepted the "golden paddle" - don't you love the batting gloves?!

Herald Photo by Matt Stone
I'm not sure how Coco is going to get his baseball cap to stay on if he continues to eschew the cornrows!

The first game of Spring Training is only one week away!

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Blogger Ted D said...

That is the fro to end all fro's. Coco looks like he stepped right out of 1973. Wow!

Team leader, Gold Glove candidate, WS MVP, AND Ping Pong champ?

Is there anything Senor Doubles can't do?

9:13 PM  

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