Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On to Fenway!

Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images
I wonder - is Manny describing his phone call from the Green Monster? Or imploring the Mariners to call him if his option isn't picked up? Whatever, Manny sure seems to be enjoying his captive audience! And I sure enjoyed the victory last night - the first since the All Star Break. Jon Lester looked awesome - really commanding. Without a doubt, he is our #2 pitcher right now.

Meanwhile, according to the Seattle Times, Manny ran into a little trouble leaving Safeco last night --

Seems that Boston slugger Manny Ramirez was leaving the ballpark, with headphones on trying to look inconspicuous and quickly get away from the crowds still leaving the stadium. He started to cross South Royal Brougham Way, against the signals of a traffic cop who was directing pedestrians. The police officer demanded that Ramirez open his wallet and show identification. He warned him that he could face a $500 fine and possible arrest for disobeying a police officer.

It became clear to those watching that the policeman had no idea who Ramirez was. He didn't ask for an autograph or anything, but did ask Ramirez if he'd attended the game. After the brief lecture, and no argument from Ramirez, the police officer let him go with no further trouble.

I love that the cop asked Manny if he'd been to the game! Yeah, kind of...

So, I've just finished closing the last suitcase. Don't ask how many I've filled for my trip northward - that's the great part about driving. You can bring TONS of stuff. I just hope my wonderful sisters - with whom I am crashing at various times over the next weeks - don't have heart attacks when they see how much I've packed. And you just know that I will have forgotten something!

n Friday, I'll be seeing this scene:
I'll be at the Yankees-Red Sox game Friday night (thanks to my sister Meg!), then the three games vs. the Angels Monday thru Wednesday. Here's hoping we can return the favor and sweep them!

Then it's off for a few days on that little slice of heaven we call Block Island:

There's nothing like spending a long day at the beach, reading a trashy novel, returning to the house and using the outdoor shower (!), then heading to the Oar for a Mudslide. Mmmm...

I'll probably not be doing much blogging (unless I make use of the Boston Public Library again!), so see you on the other side!

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Blogger Ted D said...

Have fun, Beth! Bring the boys some luck vs the MFY's and sing one chorus of "Sweet Caroline" for me!

7:57 PM  
Blogger HorshamScouse said...

Have a great trip, Beth.(Why do I seem to be saying that every other week? :))

(I'm just jealous!)

12:00 AM  
Blogger Tex said...


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