Friday, August 22, 2008

Awesome Amateur Athletes

When I watch athletic events, I sometimes feel far removed from the participants. They show a level of commitment to their sport that I was never able to embrace - perhaps because I wasn't particularly good at any sport or maybe because I wasn't blessed with those type of natural abilities. You read stories about their younger years, about how they dedicated so much of their youth to their sport - and wonder what the reality is.

Well, this weekend I am getting to see two fantastic athletes compete on the world scene. And these are two young men that I knew from the ninth grade. I watched them goof off around campus, study hard in the library (at times!), and find a sport that they loved and were passionate about.

Here's Michael Bingham. Saturday, Michael will be in Beijing, running in the finals of the 4 x 400 meter relay. He's racing for Great Britain - his father is a British citizen - and he has a real shot at a medal.

And this is Adam Mitchell. Saturday, Adam will be in the semi-finals of the US Amateur Golf Championship. He was always passionate about golf - and always good at it. He's a junior at the University of Georgia.

Who knows how far these young men might go. I just know I'll be rooting for them on Saturday!

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