Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Real Life is Overrated

Back to work today....although my students don't actually arrive until next Monday. It IS fun, I admit, the first few days back - getting caught up with colleagues, hearing about everyone's vacations...boring everyone with my Red Sox summer tales!

It looks like Mikey Lowell is going on the DL. He's clearly been playing hurt - he hasn't been swinging the bat well nor hasn't looked as sharp at 3rd in recent days. I think it's a great idea to rest him a bit - we need him in September and October. Meanwhile, I love the story of his parking ticket!

What an unbelievable game last night. I had a meeting to go to, so didn't tune in until the 3rd. I looked at the screen in shock - it was already 10-2?! I mean, Bib Papi hit TWO 3-run homers in the first inning! They then squandered the lead - and I was clinging to hope in the bottom of the 8th. BUT - all hail the Youk! He hit his second homer of the night, and the Sox won a wild game 19-17. And because I had set the DVR for while I was in the meeting, I have it all recorded! I believe that will get viewed several times in the off-season!

I think this game is going to give the team the kick in the pants it's needed. Some are already likening it to the Fight Game of 2004, the game that kickstarted our World Championship run. To have a team come back so far on you, to nearly lose it, and to have your offense bail out your struggling bullpen so fantastically - wow!

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Blogger Ted D said...

Beth, as much as I agree with you that last nights win is a big one for the rest of the year, I hope I never have to watch a game like that again!

7:15 PM  

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