Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An Outlander at Fenway - May 2009

Over Memorial Day weekend, I had my first Red Sox road trip of 2009. What a fantastic time!

The original impetus for the trip was to be a gathering of my pals from Surviving Grady. If you haven't visited, SG - well, head right over there immediately. It's some of the funniest and clever writing on the experience of being a Red Sox fan, all the agonies and ecstasies of the season. When I stumbled upon it over three years ago, I was delighted by the daily post. Then, I stumbled upon the comments section - just at the same time that many others did. The daily comments section has now taken on a life of its own! There's a regular cast of characters, with guest appearances by lurkers and trolls to liven things up. Think of a more profane "Cheers," and you'd be close.

So, last fall, we hatched the idea of a great SG gathering, to be called "Megapalooza." When the RS schedule came out, we picked the weekend that the Mets would be in town, and there followed a flurry of airline reservations and hotel reservations. The actual gathering began Saturday at 11 am - but many of us also planned to see at least one game. I ended up with tickets for both Friday and Sunday - as well as one for the Boston Pops Concerts Saturday night. All four events were fantastic!

The two games were a mixed bag. The Sox - with Daisuke on the mound for his first post-DL outing - lost, 5-3. I sat in a loge box on 3B side, pretty good seat. I missed pre-game batting practice due to a pre-game gathering with the SGers - but still got some good photos. Sunday's game had something of everything - great pitching from Wake, a hail storm in the middle of the 1st for a 35 minute rain delay, an offensive explosion in the 7th that led to a 12-5 victory. I was on the 3rd Base side again, although closer to the walkway, which led to a lot of obstructions. The highlight for me, though, was getting my picture made with 8 time Gold Glove-winning right fielder for the Red Sox, Dwight Evans. Sigh.

I also saw the Boston Pops perform for the first time. The concert was in support of their newest album, called (appropriately) The Red Sox Album. It's all baseball-themed music, and also includes a dramatic reading of "Casey at the Bat." A GREAT album - and a great concert. I think I may be a little in love with Keith Lockhart! (I put some of the music on my iPod - there's nothing to inspire you while you're fitness walking than a Sousa march)

It was a great weekend - a fantastic start to the summer as well as a fantastic way to end the school year - and a wonderful way to start off a summer of RS Travel.

Next Up: Detroit
And here are some photos!