Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday Dine Out: The Acropolis Grill

My second Wednesday Dine Out Night plans were adjusted and re-adjusted several times. Several weeks ago, I had made plans for tonight with a group of "gal pals." We try to go out to celebrate each person's birthday month, and three of our group have September birthdays. So, we planned to try out the new microbrewery in town, the Terminal Brewhouse. However, late Tuesday, two of the three birthday girls had to cancel due to work commitments. So we rescheduled for later this month, still at the Brewhouse.

I was kind of bummed out. I'd been dreaming about that beer sampler I had the last time - yum. But, since I'll be going there in two weeks, I didn't want to go tonight, too. So, I ran thru my list of restaurants. Hmm. Mexican? Italian? Chain? Local?

I finally decided on the Acropolis. (Actually, I decided on it, changed my mind, then ended up back at that choice!). It's run by a local family of Greek immigrants, and has been around for decades. Their boys all went to my school, so we feel a connection to it - although I haven't been there in over five years. Time for a return visit!

The menu represents three cuisines: Greek, Italian and American. I opted for all Greek, of course. Spanikopita, Greek salad, and Greek Lemon Chicken. Yummy! Maybe not the best waistline choices - lots of Feta cheese, and the chicken was breaded and fried. But...

One thing I really liked about the Acropolis was their "Waist Watchers" menu. They had a special insert which had lo-cal options, all with the Weight Watchers points estimates listed. A really nice feature. (Although in the interest of full disclosure I must admit that I ordered nothing from that menu. But it was nice to know I could!) They also have an incredible array of desserts displayed as you enter the restaurant - but, again, I resisted!

One thing that struck me tonight. I tend to eat dinner early - I eat lunch early, so by 5:00, I'm hungry. So I feel like I'm going at the early end of the dinner rush - little or no crowds thus far. One of my dearest friends is a late eater. He usually heads out right after Jeopardy at 8:00 - and often remarks how few diners are still lingering. I hope that there is more business during those in-between times at these local eateries.

I'm loving this new Wednesday night tradition. I got to school last Thursday with such a positive attitude - it made the rest of the week so much more pleasant. I sense the same this week.

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