Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wednesday Dine Out: The Terminal Brewhouse

I realized that I forgot one Wednesday Dining write up! Two weeks ago, I went to the Terminal Brewhouse, a new micro-brewery downtown. It's right next door to the famous Chattanooga Choo Choo; in fact, the building in which it was housed was once a hotel, and also housed one of the first Black-owned businesses in the city.

The pub opened last spring. I actually had lunch there once before, but this time was meeting a bunch of my friends for a birthday celebration. We had hoped to sit outside in the Biergarten - but it was a rare cool evening here, so we opted to move inside when we were ready to eat.

The food is pretty good. I had their wood grilled pizza - way too much for one meal, so I had leftovers (which reheated pretty well). Some of the other entrees looked good - especially the vegetable lasagna. On my previous visit, I'd had the buffalo burger and sweet potato fries - both were awesome (and I kind of wish I'd gotten them again, although I wanted to try something a little different).

The main feature is, of course, their beer! Last time, I had as my appetizer the beer sampler - which isn't on the menu! I decided my three favorites were the Maibock, the Belgian White, and the Oatmeal Stout. So this time, I had the first two. On the second try, I decided that I really preferred the White. It has some fruitiness to it - almost similar to my current favorite by Leinenkugels, Sunset Wheat. I wanted to go with the Stout for dessert, but... I am not a dark beer drinker, but this had some incredible chocolate and caramel undertones. If the weather had been cooler...

It's a fun spot. They have three levels around an open middle. The first floor is the bar and casual dining. The second floor is for real dining, and leads out to the deck. The third floor is reserved for parties - the night we were there, there was a lingerie part going on, so you can imagine the hooting and hollering coming from up there! Wild!

I would definitely go back, though maybe for a happy hour rather than a meal. And I have to go back for that Oatmeal Stout as the weather gets cooler!

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