Saturday, July 15, 2006

Time to turn it around

Dear Red Sox: In case you didn't notice, there is still some baseball left to be played this year. The time after the All Star Break is NOT the time to relax and have fun out there. It's time to be really serious about winning and about breaking away from the rest of the AL East. I hope that the last two games are just an aberration - it looks like a single-A game. A-Gon and Loretta making errors? WTF? Papi and Manny not hitting? The Bull Pen sucking? (Oh, wait, that's not new).

I strongly urge you to GET IT TOGETHER tonight! Mr. Curt Schilling is on the mound - he knows a little something about stepping up when needed. I don't want to see any more innings with 8 unearned runs being scored. And must I further point out that the Yanks won today - and are poised to breathe down your necks in a most heinous fashion.

Thank you for your attention.


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