Monday, September 18, 2006

Ranting on Monday

Just a few things bothering me....
  • Those hacks on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball. If Joe Morgan and John Miller aren't the WORST announcers working today, well, I'd hate to see their competition. Last night, they literally went on and on for nearly45 minutes, making the case for Derek Jeter as MVP. At one point, Morgan actually began reading the rules for MVP selection; after having said earlier that they should be followed, he then contradicted himself by disagreeing with most of them. He suggested they have a separate award for offensive players like they have the Cy Young for pitchers. Hello - they already have one - it's called the Hank Aaron Award!
  • Why do people in huge SUVs and 4 wheel drive vehicles insist on stopping and creeping over speed bumps. Hello - that why you drive one of those ginormous cars - so you can fly over those humps!
  • Sunday Night Baseball. Shudder.
  • Even though Yankee Stadium was sold out for yesterday afternoon's game, there were 21,581 no-shows. Hello - you pay a fortune for a ticket and then find "something else to do"? Nice fan loyalty shown by those classy NYY fans.
  • I could not detest Derek Jeter more. Admittedly, although I think he's a good player, I've never been a fan. But last night's sickening display by ESPN - on the heels of the love fest for him on Fox Saturday - pushed me over the edge. We were told repeatedly that DJ doesn't care for personal honors, it's all about the team. So why did he swing away last night on 3-0 - on something that was clearly ball four - if he wasn't worried about his personal 25-game hitting streak continuing?
  • Joe Morgan and John Miller. Ugh.
  • I expect that the Monday morning edition of SportsCenter will be overwhelmingly about football. But I find it hard to believe that the first mention of baseball this morning was 42 minutes into the broadcast. Heck, even NASCAR got a mention sooner. I know many of the races are over, but it IS America's pasttime!
So I don't sound so negative - let's end with some positives:
  • I like the look of our rookies. A few mistakes - misjudged fly balls, swinging a little too freely - but Pedrioa is looking stronger each day. Great moment yesterday when he poached a fly ball from Gonzalez. Gonzo just stared at him for a second, put out his hand for the ball and muttered something under his breath. DP grinned - and I swear I saw Gonzo grin back! Murphy had some nice offense - he's looking like a viable 4th outfielder option for next year (Sorry, Gabe, we'll miss you). Carlos Pena has shown some flashes, too.
  • I've seen some sneaks of the 2007 Red Sox schedule. There are some reports that they might play in San Diego - oh, I may have to plan a trip. And they'll be back in Atlanta for three games in June - yeah! I'm also thinking about a little trip down to Spring Training...
  • The new fall tv season is here!! This is the time of year, my vcrs are working mega-overtime. I like to sample a lot of the new shows, although I don't let myself get too attached. But I like to see what my new options are. It gets crazy because I'm trying to keep up with my "returning favorites." Oh, that reminds me, time for Prison Break!


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