Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Scenic City

Our fair city is featured in today's travel section of the New York Times! Here's a sample:

Chattanooga is the undiscovered gem of Tennessee, where old-school Southern manners and grand Victorian mansions meet a thoroughly modern, eco-friendly Tennessee riverfront.

Of course, there's an old connection between the NY Times and our local newspaper, The Chattanooga Times. Our times was founded and run by the Sulzenberger family. They used their experience here to purchase the NY Times - still run by the family! Unfortunately, they sold the Chatta Times a few years ago - so the formerly liberal paper has much more of a conservative slant. In an unusual move, however, they have kept both editorial pages, which are printed side-by-side every day. So you can read the Times opinions on the left, and the Free Press on the right.


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