Saturday, September 29, 2007

Breathing a sigh of relief

All photos in this post from (Yeah Kelly)

First, tons of praise to Kelly for keeping her head in the midst of the wild celebration last night at Fenway, and getting some very cool pictures of the night. You can see her best here

Love the photo of Mike Lowell. He is always so even keeled, by all reports a steadying influence on the other guys - and he was crazy last night! He was one of the guys who got the rest of the team back out on the field to celebrate with the crowd - the sight of him chugging champagne - and beer - while pulling on his cigar - hot!

Great moment during NESN's broadcast when Eckersley voiced concern about Papelbon - said it looked like his shirt was literally shrinking on his body, and "he needs to get some pants on!" I immediately starting paying closer attention! has some video of him spraying champagne in his jock... At least here, he's got his sliding shorts on...

I think he might possibly be insane...