Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stop the Yanks!

Photo by Getty Images/Jim McIsaac
Not a pretty game last night. The Sox lost to the Yankees 15-9, in what seemed like a marathon game (over four hours!). When I saw that it was 10:00, and only the 6th inning, I knew I'd never make it until the 9th. When the Yankees went up 11-9, I must admit to throwing in the towel and heading to bed. Just as well!

It was a seesaw game - it seemed like the lead changed hands every inning. And adding to the game length was umpire Tim McClelland, pitched above. The guy seems to stretch out every ball and strike call as long as he can. Several players were on their way to first, thinking they had a walk when McClelland decided that, no, in fact, that was a strike. Remy did say that he has a reputation for being very accurate in his calls, but, man, he needs to be called for delay of game.

So, tonight is the second game in this short homestand for the Yankees. And we've got our a**-kicker on tap:

We're tied with the Yankees for first place in the division, so we could leave the Bronx tonight in sole possession!

I know, it's only April....but every chance you get to best the Yankees is, well, the best!

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Blogger Ted D said...

Manny went absolutely bonkers last night, didn't he?

And I'm with you, even though it's April, you want to keep them behind us as long as we can.

6:04 PM  
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