Thursday, August 28, 2008


Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
So I've spent the last three days pretty absorbed in the Red Sox-Yankees series in the Bronx. It's the last visit the Sox will make to Yankee Stadium. I feel kind of sad that I never had a chance to at least tour the Stadium - I was going to try to do it this summer, but couldn't get a ticket. I guess I'll just have to visit the new Stadium sometime in the near future.

Meanwhile, I have decided to ignore today's game, and celebrate that we won two out of three in our LAST visit. I hate that Jon Lester didn't get a win today - he took a no decision thanks to the bullpen and greaseball Giambi - but he really pitched well. A perfect bounce-back from his last start. And we're going to need him, if the news about Josh Beckett turns out to be bad (JB has been scratched from tomorrow's start, and is heading to Birmingham tomorrow to visit Dr. James Andrews - three scary words for any fan)

And let's celebrate our recent roster addition, Jason Bay:

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What a great first impression Jason has made with Red Sox fans. He's jumped right in - contributing almost immediately to our playoff chase. And he's done it in a disarmingly low key manner - such a refreshing change from our previous left-fielder. I just ordered my Bay shirt from Yawkey Way - and I will wear it with pride and happiness!

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Blogger Ted D said...

::pulls head out of sand, looks around::

What do you mean we lost today?

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