Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Poor A-Rod

Reuters Photo
Yes, I am an evil person. I admit to taking delight in seeing ARod fail. To see the Yankee fans realizing that they have him for 9 more years - 9 more years of scenes like the one above.

Yes, I know I'm tempting the fates - the Red Sox could start an epic *fail* at any moment. But, if they do, I'll still be able to think fondly of last night's game.
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Meanwhile, the Red Sox victory plus a loss by the Rays make the margin in the AL East just 3 1/2 games. And we're ahead of Minnesota in the AL Wild Card race by 2 1/2 games. I know, "lots of baseball left to be played." Still, "That's how we roll here," David Ortiz said. "We don't panic here. You hit the panic button, you just get worse. Right? Right." (

As I write, the Sox are leading the second game of the series 4-2. This should be the last appearance of the Red Sox at the old Yankee Stadium. It is kind of a shame. The last game of the regular season for the RS will be September 28th - vs. the Yankees at Fenway. I'm sentimental enough to wish that we were playing in the very last game at the Stadium - it would be fitting, since the very first game played there was the Red Sox and Yankees. But I'm also pragmatic enough to know we have a better chance to win that game if it's played at Fenway.

The Sox made a nice pick-up today of Mark Kotsay from the Braves. He should add some insurance to our bench. With Drew ailing, and Casey, we need him. He's done well with the Braves this year, so hopefully that will continue.

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