Friday, August 29, 2008

We interrupt this blog...

I rarely stray from the Red Sox and other minutiae in this blog. It's kind of my escape from real world issues. But I want to go off topic a bit today, and talk about politics. Probably the second favorite contact sport of most Americans.

Last night, the Democratic Party introduced Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill) as their candidate for President in 2008. Senator Joe Biden of Maryland is the VP nominee. It is an incredibly historic moment in our history. Just 45 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. was leading the movement to get African-Americans the right to vote. A generation later, an African-American is now a viable candidate to be the President of the United States. This after defeating a viable female candidate for the same office.

What a fantastic country we are fortunate enough to live in! I think about my grandparents who left behind their families in County Cork and County Wexford, Ireland, to search for a better life in America. Of their son, my dad, who went to college, married, and raised six children, all with college and post-graduate degrees. Some of them are crazy enough to be Republicans and Yankees fans - but, isn't that the type of freedom that my grandparents were searching for?

I must admit, I was a Hillary woman. I'm disappointed that she's not at the top of the ticket. But I'm also determined to turn our country around, to shake off the Bush administration. One of my neighbors has forwarded to me a few anti-Democratic emails (why?), and I told him honestly that the Democrats could put a ferret (Steve?) on the ticket and I would vote for them. The GOP has had its chance for the past 8 years, and they've screwed us up. It's up to the Dems to turn this around!

And the choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin? Wow - what a transparent and obvious move to try to capture the Hillary crowd. Well, as a Hillary supporter I can tell you : FAIL!

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