Saturday, March 07, 2009

Good news!

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Good news about Mike Lowell. His rehab continues to go well, and Tito says we could see him back in the lineup in a limited role next week. Yeah! We really need him to be healthy and to play well if we hope to contend this year. His off-the-field leadership is also really important to the Red Sox. So, keep up the good work, Mike!

Some bittersweet news out of San Francisco this week. Dave Roberts was let loose by the Giants - they are apparently going in a "younger" direction. What this will mean for Roberts' future, I'm not sure. There's a terrific look at "The Steal" on SF Gate - it always give me chills to remember that incredible moment in the run to the 2004 World Series Championship. The photo above was taken when he played for the Padres, during a series against the Braves. I was standing by the dugout during BP and called out to him. He saw my Red Sox shirt and came right over to sign for me. He went on about how great RS fans have been to him, how they always came out to see him play and thank him for that great moment. What a great guy, a total gentleman.

One other bit of interesting news. According to today's New York Times, Alex Rodriguez will almost certainly by undergoing surgery for his torn labrum. Estimated time on the DL: four months. At least he'll be back in time to choke in the playoffs again.

I must write myself a note - so that I remember to change the clocks tonight! Ugh - losing an hour of sleep is not fun, especially when you have to work on Saturday and Sunday is lone day of "rest" for the week. Oh, well, I am grateful that I have a job these days...

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