Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome Back, Big Papi

Globe photo from Spring Training 2008

Another shocker in the WBC last night. The Netherlands accomplished what was seemingly impossible: they beat the all-star team from the Dominican Republic for the second time. Last night, it took 11 innings - and the Dutch looked like they'd blown in the top of the 11th. Yet, they came back and won, sending a nation into a frenzy of clog dancing and tulip tossing.

I know Big Papi is sad over the results of last night's incredible game. The DR had been one of the favorites going into the tournament, but the Dutch seemed to have their number from the first inning of game one. SportsCenter had a side by side comparison of the two teams. The DR had 23 major leaguers with a combined income of $84 million. The Dutch had 2 MLB players, whose income is $400,000. Of course, the Dutch had Burt Blyleven as their pitching coach!

The upside for RS fans is that Big Papi is now headed back to Fort Myers. Word is that he'll be in the line-up Friday night for the first ST game vs. the Yankees. Coupled with the return of Jason Bay and Mike Lowell, the team is starting to look a little more familiar!

And one other key player will return for Friday night's game. From the Remy Report site this a.m.:
Over the last several weeks, Jerry has received countless emails wishing him well and asking when he will return to the booth. The good news is that Jerry is not only feeling much better after his bout with pneumonia, but he is finally in Florida and will broadcast the game on Friday! He has asked us to say "Thank You" to all of you who have sent in emails and well wishes.
Yeah, Remdawg is back and healthy! Can't wait for Friday night.

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Blogger Ted D said...

At least we know he won't blow out a quad trying to beat a throw to first against the US.

Good to know he's back in camp.

9:40 PM  

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