Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday afternoon battles

So, the RS are down here in the top of the 9th, 5-1. I missed last night's game, which is the only one they won, of course. I guess Curt pitched a great game. I say "I guess" because I tuned in just as the game ended, and then my Direct TV cut off.

Yes, I am continuing to fight the DTV battle. Most of the RS message boards are getting hot - I'm not the only one to be upset about this blackout of the pre- and post- game shows. There was one report that this was a new MLB decision - that the regional sports networks (like NESN and YES) were showing too many highlights, which violated some kind of MLB rule. But, today, every single channel on my DTV - as well as the Extra Innings pkgs - showed the pre-game shows. NESN did not. So, again I called them. Finally got a manager, who said they are looking into it. I believe I will be calling NESN tomorrow. I'm still convinced this is a DTV screw-up.... very frustrating.

Getting organized for my trip. Just was looking over all my tickets - man, I did manage to score some good seats for all my games. Behind home plate at Camden Yards. My four games at Fenway: one on the Monster! 2 behind home! One in dead center. Can't wait to try out my new camera!!


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