Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Starting to wind down...

I like what one of the announcers said last night - nobody does the cap tip like Curt Schilling. He had his moment in last night's game. He came out and warmed up at the top of the 8th, then Francona came out and took him out of the game. A huge ovation from the crowd, of course. Afterwards, Tito said this was his last start of the season - "a good note to end on," as he said on NESN.

It WAS a gratifying season for Curt. After all of his post-2004 injuries, many felt he wouldn't ever play like he did that magical year. Certainly, his 2005 was discouraging. But he spent the off-season really working, putting himself back together. He worked on an inside pitch, quite effectively. His start last night - a 5-0 RS win - certainly makes one optimistic about him for next year.

He claims next year is his last, that he'll retire. In his post-game presser, he almost sounded a little down when talking about all the work he's going to need to do this off-season to prepare for 2007. But our Curt is a "warrior," I can't imagine him not being out there on the mound come April.

And in the meantime, he needs to get prepping for his appearance next month on Celebrity Jeopardy! Of course, if he needs any buzzer tips, he should call me!


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