Sunday, September 24, 2006

Winding down?

Today was game #156 out of the 162-game season. And we lost - in a very ugly fashion - 13-4. Wily Mo Pena had several really bad fielding plays in right field - even Gary DiSarcino on NESN was saying this could be the reason by Cincinnati was willing to get rid of him.

The one bright spot was, of course, David Ortiz. Hit home run #53 - and tied Babe Ruth for most home runs on the road (32) for a season. He could pass that record tomorrow night in the Sox' last away game - again at Toronto.

And Mikey Lowell hit TWO doubles - giving him a career high 46 on the season. I really hope he's back next year. He's been more than an adequate replacement for Billy Mueller - probably a much better offensive player than Billy. Certainly worthy of consideration for the Gold Glove, although Chavez from the As will probably get it.

Only 6 more games. I think I'm going to tape a few of the last home games - just so I have something to watch in the deep, dark depths of January...


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