Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Globe photo
What a game last night! I hadn't been able to see much of any of the three games this weekend - between the late, late start on Friday and my busy round of holiday weekend social engagements! - so I set aside last night to soak in the full game experience. Pitcher of margaritas chilled, my online connection humming, NESN coverage, scorecard in hand.

It went way beyond expectations. From the emotional outburst at the return of our original "Dirt Dog" Trot Nixon, to Schilling's seeming return to form, to Youk's inside-the-park-homerun (pictured above), it was amazing. I knew Trot would get a great ovation - but I got a little emotional when they showed his wife Kathryn throwing out the first pitch, surrounded by many of the other wives. The Sox saluted the Nixons for their years of work with the Jimmy Fund - she was always a tireless participant in all of the charitable causes of the Red Sox Foundation.

Schilling took the mound, and showed that maybe Roger isn't the only robust old warrior. He struck out the side in the first, which set the tone for the game. He had a total of 10 Ks last night, his season high. And offense? There were at least 5 doubles in the game, including two by "little Pedroia." And Youks' big hit in the seventh was so much fun! I guess he and Dustin have a little friendly competition going on who is faster. Youk showed up Dustin!

And a victory is always welcome. We've won 4 in a row (and the Yankees have lost 4 in a row). We've got an eleven and a half game lead over second place Baltimore. Yanks and Devil Rays are in the basement, 13 1/2 back.

Tonight is the return from the Disabled List for Josh Beckett. I hope he picks up where he left off - first in the AL in pitching. It ought to be another fun one, as we continue to test potential playoff contenders.

It's only May, it's only May...

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Monday, May 28, 2007

A sweep!

Image stolen from SoSH

So, the Sox took all three games in Texas, winning last night 6-5. Unfortunately, Tavarez missed out on the win, but he is proving to be quite the competent fifth starter. I read today that the fifth starter's job is to basically pitch as long as possible and save the bullpen. He should be an "innings eater." And Julian has been more than accomplishing that. It also helps when the Sox offense decides to use their bats. Pedroia had a home run last night! In a post-game interview, Tavarez said something about "little Pedroia" with the home run. Aww.

Tonight it's back to Fenway - and the return of Trot Nixon. Trot, our original "dirt dog." I kind of miss his spunk, how he was always first off the bench in a fight, always throwing his whole body into a catch. I know that JD Drew hasn't shown us all he's got yet, and that's why many are waxing nostalgic over Trot. It'll be great to see him, but I can understand why Theo let him go.

And after I've cheered Trot, I'll cheer for our boys to sweep this team, too. It should be a great game - both teams lead their respective divisions and both are hot right now. It should be some awesome baseball!

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Sunday, May 27, 2007


What a treat this weekend to have Eric Frede back on the Sox broadcasts. While the Bruins have been playing, he's been involved with them. But he's been covering the Pre Game Report this weekend, and pinch-hit for Hazel Mae on Sportsdesk Friday.

He's such a contrast to "the Haze." She imposes her personality on every highlight. Some more irritating examples: "Youkilis hops on his little pony" when running the bases; a Coco catch is Coco "squeezing the Charmin." Ugh.

Eric, on the other hand, simply describes the plays! And he's kinda cute, in a dorky way.

Let's bring back Fredo!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A quick tour in art history

Cool video - it shows 500 years of female portraits in Western Art.


Friday, May 25, 2007

Great picture

I stole this photo from my buddy Kelly over at sittingstill.net I don't know what it is about this photo, but I love it. Two foreign born men, who've converted their baseball talent into fantastic careers, playing for (in my opinion) the greatest team in baseball. The American Dream, baby, and here they are saluting their adoptive country. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Random Wednesday Thoughts

For May 23, 2007:
Okay, yes, I am developing a new-found liking of Julian Tavarez. Before he came to Boston, all I knew about him was his killing of a dugout phone prior to the 2004 World Series. Oh, yeah, and he gave up that homerun to Mark Bellhorn in Game 1 of the Series. Even at the start of the 2006 season - when he punched out that Devil Ray in a Spring Training game! - I was sure his stay in Boston would be brief. The tide started to turn for me when I saw the Braves and the Sox play in June in Atlanta. He was out mixing with the crowd every day, cutting up with his teammates and really seemed to be enjoying himself. I was seeing a different side to him. And this year, he's really opened himself up the people of Boston, sharing some of his background (he grew up in the Dominican, never had any formal schooling, and still sends money home to his family every payday). And he's still outrageous - earlier in the week, he said in an interview that if he hadn't been a baseball player, he would have been a porn star!

He may be crazy (Batsh*t he's been called), but he's OUR Batty!

You knew it was only a matter of time before A-Rod showed his cheap side. Last night, he took a late hit on lil Dustin Pedroia in the 8th. Yes, he broke up the double play, but as he stood up, he gave DP a hard elbow jab to the ribs. I mean, DP is all of 5'9" and 160 pounds. As one blogger pointed out, it's like the senior beating up the wide-eyed freshman. We know A-Rod is the master of the cheap shot - remember the ALCS in 2004 when he knocked the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's glove - but this incident may have exposed him to the rest of the world. Mike Greenberg this morning on ESPN Radio, was predicting that tonight's starter, Curt Schilling, might have a statement to make about the incident when Alex steps up to the plate.

Personally, I hope they wait and catch him when he's not expecting it - like, in the Junes series at Fenway!

3)One of the things that McCarver is always praising Derek Jeter for (besides his "calm eyes") is that he NEVER argues a call. I hope he was watching his boy last night. Left standing, merely watching three consecutive Papelbon pitches sail by him for called strikes, Captain Intangibles was quick to give the ump an earful. Sit down, sir.

Here's David Ortiz waiting to greet Manny Ramirez at home plate, after Manny hit a three-run homer in the top of the first inning - a lead the Yanks never overcame. Wouldn't you love to run into that bear hug?

5) According to ESPN this morning, the magic number for the Sox is now 108!


6) Oh, and old greasy Jason Giambi may be in trouble. In an interview with USA Today last week, he pretty much admitted to using steroids, or something. Today's NY Daily News says that he failed an amphetimines test last year - information that's not supposed to be made available to the public. Hm..

7) Win tonight!!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Res Sox Yanks

First, Happy Birthday Batty! Today is Julian Tavarez' 34th birthday - and he's starting against the Yankees. Here's hoping MY birthday wish comes true for him - a win!

Last night's game was kind of bummer. We lost 6-3, but it was never really close. Yanks scored two in the first, two in the second, and that pretty much put it out of reach. And a bummer for me - no NESN, so had to choose between the YES network and ESPN. Both crews are pretty horrific when compared to our NESN boys. Although, John Flaherty on YES is a little more palatable than Rick Sutcliff (who never shuts up!) The win puts the Yanks "only" 9 1/2 games behind us.

It's only May....It's only May

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Youks for All-Star

AP Photo by Winslow Townson

Okay, we need to start a Youks for All-Star campaign. He's not on the regular ballot, so he has to be a write-in. But -- he was 3-for-3 today, including a homerun around the Pesky Pole, and has a 13 game hitting streak. Plus some incredible work around the bag at first.. Go over to mlb.com RIGHT NOW and do a write in for him

Good game today - we beat the Braves 6-3. Andruw Jones had five strikeouts - highly uncharacteristic for him. We hit ace Tim Hudson early - four runs in the first. And a great start by Kason Gabbard, just called up from Pawtucket for this game. He looked really good - much hope for the future!

Now, on to New York. Three games vs. the fast-falling Yankees at the Stadium. According to BBTN, George Steinbrenner made the statement thru his minions that he would not have any official statements to make about Joe Torre's future until after the Red Sox series. Meaning, if the Yanks have a poor showing in the next three games, Torre could find himself unemployed. Of course, that might be the kind of dramatic move the Yanks need to motivate them.

And add this to the Bronx Drama - from si.com

Jason Giambi's admission to USA Today that he once used steroids could lead to the Yankees taking another shot at voiding his contract. According to baseball sources familiar with the situation who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, the Yankees will revisit the possibility of terminating Giambi's deal if it is determined that he used illegal drugs after they signed him to a seven-year, $120 million contract in 2001

I know, it's only May....but we've now got a 10 1/2 game lead in the AL East...

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

saturday doubleheader

Photo By Winslow Townson

So, something for everyone during today's doubleheader. If you're a Red Sox fan, you LOVED game one. Final Score 13-3. If you're a Braves fan, you're loving game 2 - currently 11-0 in the middle of the 8th. So, tomorrow's game could be quite key!

I missed most of the second game due to social engagements (!), but I did enjoy the first game. Especially my Mikey (above) who had a Grand Slam! Yeah! The offense was simply crushing.

Game 2 seems to have been dominated by the Braves Offense. Of course, the starting pitching played a key role in both. In Game one, Matsuzaka pitched another beaut - 8 innings, 6 ks. The Braves had a pitcher newly called up, who only lasted until the 2nd inning. In the nightcap, we had Davern Hansack pitching, newly called up from Pawtucket - they had John Smoltz going.

So both bullpens have been taxed. I'm thinking tomorrow's game could be a blow-out or an incredible pitching/offensive duel. Stay tuned!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Rain out

Photo by Matt Stone

So tonight's game against the Braves has been called due to rain- I guess it's rained all day in Boston. That means they'll be playing another double-header tomorrow. Phew.

This gives me a chance to celebrate the heroics of the man pictured above, Eric Hinske. He's spent most of the season on the bench, but was Rookie of the Year for the Jays back in '02. Yesterday, he came off the bench and proved key in both games - but particularly in the second half of the double header. He started in right - and had a hard time fielding some of the earlier hits. But in the fifth he made what Remy called "the catch of the year:" he chased down a fly ball to his left, almost to the wall, and made a spectacular diving catch. He ended up doing a face plant in the warning track "dirt" - and lay there for a minute stunned. By the time he got up and ran to the dugout, nearly the whole team was waiting to greet him - even Schill.

But he wasn't finished. In the bottom of the seventh, he came to bat with Tek on base, and crushed a pitch to right field. The wind had played havoc all night with fly balls, but this one was hit so hard, it managed to sail into the RS bullpen. The homer made the score 4-2, the winning margin.

And Hinske became a part of RS lore. Just look at that grin! He has made a difference in several games - he scored the winning run in the Mother's Day comeback against the Orioles. After that game, he talked about how great it was to be on the winning side of one of those RS comebacks, having walked off the field several times on the losing end.

I know he'd like to be more than a bench player, but it just shows how our role players are so vital to our success. When you can call on a Hinske or a Cora to come into the game - and make a real difference -- it could mean all the difference in September.

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Rockin' the Fens

Classic Remy moment on the Pre-Game show last night. He's playing air guitar - and falls over. Seconds later, he was on the Pre-Game show- was so giggly, that he had to end the interview!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

One down...

Globe photo by Jim Davis

It totally cracks me up when Julian Tavarez directs play from the mound. Here he's reminding his infielders how to make the double play!

Batty pitched a great game today - went seven innings, saving the Bull Pen once again. Okajima threw 13 pitches and retired the side in the eight, and Papelbon threw 13 more pitches in the 9th to close out the win, 2-1, over the Tigers.

Game 2 - with Schilling on the mound - is just beginning, and he's a little shaky at the start. It would be fantastic if we could sweep both ends of a double header!

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Let's Play Two!

Globe photo by Jim Davis

We may be saying that alot in the next few days. The Tigers-Red Sox game last night was called due to rain - you can see in above photo that they obviously couldn't play on that field. They're playing two today - the first at 12:35 pm, and the regularly scheduled game at 7:00pm.

This rain-out shows the absurdity of the schedule this year. This is the ONLY visit by the Tigers to Fenway this year - and we play them only once more, right before the All- Star Break. So, if the weather had been bad again today, they would have had a big problem finding another time.

The weather today, luckily, looks clear. The same can't be said for tomorrow - 80% chance of rain. It's the start of a three-game inter-league series vs. the Braves. Both Saturday and Sunday's games are day games, so I guess there's a possibility of sticking a make-up game into one of the evenings. But that would make two doubleheaders in three days - yikes! Although I guess if you're going to have to do these kind of things, it's better early in the season when the team is relatively fresh rather than in September.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My heart can't stand much more of this!

Globe photo
Another day, another great game for the Sox! After the incredible comeback on Sunday, I figured last night's game to be a let-down. Not only from the emotions of Sunday, but also because the Tigers played a late game Sunday night and flew into Boston in the wee hours of Monday morning. I thought they'd be tired out and we'd have a rout.

But they put up a good fight for most of the game. Their pitcher, Grizzly Adams, oops, I mean Nate Robertson, was sharp for several innings. But the Sox chipped away, and dealt the death blow in the 8th inning when they scored 4 runs. Three RBIs went to Julio Lugo - who hit a triple with the bases loaded. Yeah!

The story of the game, though, was the complete game pitched by Daisuke. 124 pitches, 5 strikeouts, 6 hits (one of which was a home run by Granderson). He didn't look as dominating as previous outings, but he looked like a more complete pitcher. He didn't fall apart as he has in some other games; recovered from the homerun quickly. It was our first CG of the year - we only had 3 last year, but I suspect we'll see more than that this year.

The high five line at the end was the best - a great mixture of bows (see photo) and hugs. Daisuke is so funny when someone grabs him for one of those man-hugs - especially if it's Ortiz doing the hugging. He just kind of hangs there like a rag doll, completely unsure of what to do! But he does seem to be getting into the spirit of things. His teammates seem to have embraced him,and he's hugging back!

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Sunday, May 13, 2007


Photo by Winslow Townson
What an incredible comeback! The Red Sox were down 5-0 going into the bottom of the ninth, and came back! They won 6-5 on an error - the pitcher, Chris Ray, missed a toss by Millar at 1st to get Lugo, and two runs scored. It was sooo exciting! I was just jumping up and down and screaming at the tv - the poor cat nearly had a heart attack (as did I!). This kind of game is why I love this team so much. They never gave up - and neither did the fans. In how many other stadiums would you see the house still full in this situation?? Everyone standing and cheering? Simply awesome.

The only down side is the injury to Josh Beckett. He left the game in the fourth with an "avulsion" - basically a tear of the skin on the middle finger of his pitching hand. Tito says they'll let it "dry out" for a day or two and then see if he needs to skip a start.

And the comeback in the game took him off the hook for the loss - gets a no decision instead. Phew.

And for sheer cuteness, check out Papi and his son D'Angelo:

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Photo fun

Two cool photos from last night in the Majors:
Some Houston fans show their love for Rogah! If you think about it, it says alot about a person when you see how people who "knew you when" now think of you. In Clemens' case, he's got fans from three cities who hate him: Toronto, Boston and now Houston. He's pretty much burned his bridges. I just hope all the other teams out there remember this when Rogah tries to stage yet another comeback next year.

They had a retro night in San Diego last night. All the players wore those "cool" uniforms from 1973. Doesn't it shock you that we ever survived the Seventies?

Not much else to say - yes, the Sox lost last night. And it was like the anti-team took the field - they looked so different than they had on the road. They had the bases loaded three times and couldn't take advantage. Some sloppy plays in the field - especially by Wily Mo Pena. Wily is already feeling the heat from the fans - and last night won't help that situation.

But in a season of 162 games, you're going to lose a few games! You just hate to beat yourselves. But fresh start today - game two of three vs. the Orioles. No tv coverage for me today - the Fox blackout has hit me once again, even though the game isn't going to be shown on Fox. Ugh. So it's Game Day Audio - WEEI's coverage.

Friday, May 11, 2007

It's all about pitching

Yes, pitching is the big key to our current run. Great article in today's Globe - featuring an interview with pitching coach John Farrell (who is doing an incredible job - obviously!) - pictured above. I think this is the coolest part - something I've been sensing and fun to see confirmed:

"There's an inner competition that has developed among the starters here that's been fun to witness," Farrell said. "It's nothing that is spoken or that's even said in jest. It's just this feeling that the starter who's pitching the next game wants to be as good as the starter who pitched the last game. There's a responsibility each guy has every time he goes out there, that he wants to perform at a high level, do his part. It's very healthy."
Baltimore comes to town tonight for three games. Many seem to think this should be an easy series - but those O's are pretty pesky!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The brooms are out

What a fantastic three game series in Toronto - especially if you're a Sox fan! The pitching has been absolutely lights out - the offense has come to life in a major way - and it looks like we're going to leave Toronto seven (7!) games ahead of the Yankees in the AL East. (BTW - Yanks lost today 14-2)

Wake looked really good tonight. There had been discussion about the dome being open - the Toronto GM said it was staying open no matter what because Wake pitches so much better inside. The knuckleball floats so much better in a climate controlled situation. But even with it open and after a shaky first, he bore down and started mowing down the opposition. And he finally got some run support - something usually sadly lacking in his outings.

We've also been homer happy for all three games. We had four homers in each of the first two games - and that was what made the difference. Mike Lowell is hot (in so many ways!) - he hit a homer in each of the three games. Youks also hitting well. And Manny hit his 475th career home run last night. Pedrioa showed us his bat, too - much to Remy's surprise.

And speaking of Remy, several classic moments in this series. Especially loved Orsillo's paper airplane - and the Matsuzaka sweatbands! Classic.

Finally, I don't get why Eric Hinske gets booed at Rogers Centre. He played well for Toronto - was Rookie of the Year - and he was traded. It's not like he went free agent and followed a cash trail. He had no choice! Oh, well.

Home to Fenway now for ten games. Old friend Kevin Millar will be in town starting tomorrow!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Random Wednesday Thoughts

For May 9th:

1) I haven't commented on the discussion about banning beer in Major League clubhouses. I had not idea that, typically, there are tubs of ice cold beer waiting for the players at the end of each game. It seems like they can chug a few before they leave. I know that these guys are (mostly) adults - but I find it hard to believe in this day and age, that a club would put themselves at such a risk for a liability suit. Plus - in how many lines of work do you see that happen? I mean, I'd love it if, at the end of the day, the administration put out a tub of beers in the teacher's lounge...

2)Josh Beckett looked awesome last night! He's now 7-0 - and clearly, the ace of the staff.

3) Remy and Orsillo have been so ON on NESN this year. There was the now-classic "pizzer" throwing episode. Last night, in Toronto, someone tossed a paper airplane from the upper deck - that made it all the way to the playing field. You start hearing paper rattle in the booth - and Orsillo tosses the most pitiful paper airplane ever constructed out of the broadcast booth. The result sends both men into a fit of giggles! And me too!

4) Bobby Cox is on his way to passing the record for being ejected from baseball games. I think he needs 3 more. Will they give him a trophy?

5) Interesting fact heard on the Braves pre-game show tonight. Of all the managers currently employed in the Major Leagues, one 1 is a former pitcher - Bud Black of San Diego. There are 13 former catchers - we've always said we thought Tek would be a good manager when the time came, and the preponderance of catchers seems to indicate they are good at it.

6) As I post this, Matsuzaka is in the 6th inning - 7 ks, 0 runs, 80 pitches. Fantastic...

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

On to Toronto

Tonight, the Sox are in Toronto for a three game set. As I write, they're up 8-1, top of the 7th - and Beckett is looking ggoooodd! 74 pitches, 1 run, 4 hits and 4 Ks. Four home runs in the game. This is the last visit to Toronto until September - weird that we've already played there twice in this young season.

I'm torn right now in my television viewing habits. I want to watch baseball every night - it is ssoo addictive! - but all of my regular programs are wrapping up for the year. Like, tonight. Do I watch the Red Sox game - or the penultimate episode of "The Gilmore Girls"? Last night, I luckily didn't have to make any choices - "Heroes" of course. (Awesome episode - only two left!) I end up taping a ton - but then when do you actually watch the episodes? Oh, my life is rough...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The devil went down to Houston

and found this guy.

So, dramatically, Roger Clemens announced in the seventh inning of today's Yankees game that he was rejoining the team. I was totally caught off guard by my intense emotional reaction to the announcement. Besides screaming profanities at the t.v., I felt bereft. I really thought he might end his career in Boston - complete the full circle of his career. Instead, he followed the money.

But, in further contemplating it, it's not totally shocking. He had stated he wanted to play for a contender this year - and the Astros weren't burning up the National League. The Sox are. But that could be the problem - our pitching rotation. We've got Schilling, Beckett, Matsuzaka. All pitching well. There really isn't room in the Boston press for Rogah. He would be at best a 4th starter. He can't play the Diva in Boston. New York, however, is all set up for him.

The Yankees rotation in disarray and mostly on the DL, and Rogah is desperately needed. He can be seen as the hero on the white horse, riding in to deliver a championship to King George. And yet, he still will probably only be a #3 starter for them - and probably can only deliver 5 or 6 innings per start for them. This brings no relief for their bullpen - which is where they really need help.

I thought this observation from someone on SoSH was interesting:
If he starts on June 8th, Clemens can make his first 3 starts against NL teams (Pittsburgh/@ Arizona/Colorado).
And he will probably put up some good numbers. However, I suspect that Mr. Clemens will find a different story when he starts facing the opposition in his own league. We've seen so many examples recently of the difficulty of the transition to the other league - how Beckett took a year to adjust to the AL, how Arroyo prospered in the NL once he didn't have to face AL batters. To paraphrase Kelly, I suspect Clemens will have his hat, spikes and ass handed to him by AL hitters.

Enough of this Clemens crap.

Schilling pitched another gem - and the bats came somewhat to life. The Sox beat Minnesota 4-3, winning 2 out of 3 at the Metrodome. Pedrioa must be feeling Cora breathing down his neck, because he broke out and hit 2 doubles and a single. Yeah, Munchkin. And the sight of Manny and Tavarez in the dugout was high-sterical - Manny was actually petting Tavarez' shaved head like a kitty.

You'd never see Manny rubbing down Rogah like that!

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What a waste

AP Photo
I hate waste - and I especially hate to see a good pitching effort come to naught. Last night, our fifth starter, Julian Tavarez, pitched his best game of the season - 4 hits, 2 earned runs and 7 strikeouts (which is two short of his personal best). Unfortunately, he fell victim to Tim Wakefield Syndrome - total lack of run support. Team left on base: 12. Twelve!! Yes, Santana pitched well - but we didn't capitalize on his few mistakes. Just a total bummer of a game - well, except for Pedrioa's double. Yeah, Munchkin!

Today we've got Schill on the hill. Minnesota has the always interesting Ponson. Fingers crossed that I get the NESN broadcast - the two guys over on FSN North to whom I've been subjected for the past two games are driving me to drink. An early peek over at EI has the NESN broadcast, so looking good!

And a garden update. My hydrangeas still look pitiful - but check out my clematis. It's gorgeous!

ETA: Happy 05-06-07!

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Recipe: Gob Cake

I got this recipe from my WW Area manager - it's delish!

Gob Cake
15 servings @ 1 Point each

1 pkg. (18 1/4 oz) Devil's Food cake mix
2 egg whites
1 whole egg
4 oz. apple sauce
1 small can Mandarin oranges
Use juice and water to = 1 1/4 cup liquid
8 oz. FF Cool Whip for frosting

Smash up oranges. Mix in rest of wet ingedients. Add cake mix and beat at low speed 1 - 2 minutes. Pout into 13x9 inch pan sprayed with FF Pam. Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Cool and frost with FF Cool Whip.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Pre-Game

So, two exciting games in the past two days. Thursday, Josh Beckett became the first 6 game winner in the majors. Man, he looks pretty unhittable right now. Several players have commented that the big change is that he's pitching now rather than throwing. And he was definitely helped by Alex Cora (yeah!) and a fantastic diving catch by Coco in the 8th - that's two games in a row with a "web gem" by Coco.

And last night - well, it started pretty badly. Five runs and ONE hit off Matsuzaka in the first inning left me pretty depressed. But, in the second, the Sox bounced back with five of their own. Then Manny - who seems to be awakening from a small slump in April - hit a two run homer to go ahead. Again, the M's came back. And then, bottom of the 8th, Manny hits his second homer - and the Sox win, 8-7. They're now 18-9, and (YEAH!) 5 1/2 games ahead (of Tampa Bay) in the AL East.

I know it's only May.....

Tonight, a later start (8:05) in Minneapolis - playing the first of three against the Twins. I hate the "Homer Dome" - remember that weird carom Ortiz had last year? What should have been a home run was caught and ruled an out. Aargh...

More later

Drive-by posting

Two quick articles to point out. First, they are going to make a miniseries out of King & O'Nan's Faithful - which chronicled the 2004 season. Casting ideas??

Second, this is a fantastic article in the Onion about Manny!

Happy Friday - more later, with my thoughts on the last two victories!

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Random Wednesday Thoughts

Globe Photo by Jim Davis
1) Last night's game against the A's was a slight return to reality after the Yankee series. We actually led 4-0 at one point - but ended up losing in ten innings, 5-4. Jonathan Papelbon had his first blown save of the year. Yes, he's not perfect - which seems to have taken some people by surprise. He was perfect in April - and I guess we thought it would continue. Totally unrealistic, I know. And maybe it'll do him - and us - a world of good to have him fail. And happening this early in the season isn't going to hurt us. That which does not kill us makes us stronger!

2) Mike Lowell is using a new glove. He seems to be punishing his regular game glove for causing him to make errors!

3) One of the sickening parts of last night was seeing Schilling waste a decent outing. He's looking more and more like the Schill of 2004 - which is a fantastic sign.

4) Nick Cafardo has a great article about Terry Francona in today's Globe. His premise is:
But even the skeptical minority would have to say Terry Francona is managing this year about as well as any manager in the history of the franchise.
Hmm.. I agree he's doing a great job managing his players right now. And he's certainly built an impressive track record in the past three years. But I'm going to wait a little bit longer to call him the greatest.

5) When he pitched against us in the 2004 World Series, I knew Julian Tavarez was a little loopy. Punching a wall with your pitching hand as your team is heading into the post-season is NOT a wise or sane decision. And one of the first times we saw him in a Red Sox uniform, he was taking a swing at Joey Gathright. But he continues to endear himself to me. He could be this year's Millar - lightening up the locker room, always with the great quote. Like in today's Herald:
As for his own status, Tavarez is content. “I’m just taking one day at a time and I’m ready for anything. I’ll do anything. If they say clean the office I’ll go clean the office. As long as I have my uniform I’m a member of the Red Sox.”

6) Trying not to revel in the Yankees' problems. But I have to admit to feeling a little sorry for their pitchers. They all seem to be wearing a target on their backs. After we broke their started Karstens on Saturday, now their hot prospect Hughes has gone down with a pulled hamstring. Sad too because he was pitching a no-hitter into the 7th. At the time of his call-up, I worried that they were pushing him too soon - that's basically what happened with Hansen last year. But they really had no choice - they have few other options for starting pitching. This will certainly make the Clemens chase interesting.

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