Thursday, February 28, 2008

More from the White House

Scout Tufankjian/Polaris Images

A little different angle on the Evita shot. I love Kyle Snyder's reaction!

Lifted from SoSH (RSN Diaspora)

Is there anyone other than Kyle in this photo?? Oh, yeah, Beckett, Wake, and Manny D look pretty sharp, too. I love MDC's pocket square. How elegant. And Kyle with his overcoat. Aww.

Lifted from SoSH (educatedcheese)
This is the most fantastic part of the DC adventure. According to Amalie, David Ortiz rode in a policeman's sidecar from the White House over to Walter Read. He was following in the footsteps of Terry Francona, who had hopped into it at the airport and rode over to the White House that way. And Kyle Snyder then rode in it from Walter Read back to the airport. Said Ortiz:
"It was fun, but it was too cold, man," Ortiz said. "It wasn't a good idea but Tito forced me to do it. He said he did it, so I didn't want to look like a [coward]. So I did it.
Kyle said his ride was twice as long as the other two, but he didn't feel he could ask the police officer to pull over and let him get back on the team bus. This is quite the mental image:
With his face frozen, and his knees squeezed into the tiny sidecar, Snyder said he was going about 40-45 mph on the sidecar.
At 6'8", that was quite a tight squeeze, I bet!

In real baseball news, the Sox won their first exhibition game today against Boston College, 24-0. Beckett pitched 2 innings, 4 strikeouts. And Kyle pitched 2 innings, too. The second game is against Northeastern, and it's due to start at 6pm

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Blogger Ted D said...

Papi needs some Goggles like Barney Fife had when he bought the motorsickle with the side car!

9:39 PM  
Blogger Tex said...

Beckett is so smooth! But truly if Bush knew his Texas players he would have pointed out Clay and Kyle as Texas born boys.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Agreed, Tex! Well, at least Kyle!

2:24 PM  

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