Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The White House Visit

All images from the AP
So, the 2007 World Series Champions paid a visit to President Bush today at the White House. They were honored in a ceremony on the South Lawn - the photo above captures the whole crowd. David Ortiz led them out of the White House, carrying the trophy - and then he had to hold it for the 10 minute speech by the Prez. I have to admit, Bushie made me chuckle several times - his references to Papelbon's riverdancing and Daisuke's media contingent, in particular. The guys looked fantastic in their Sunday best - actually, some looked even better than in their uniforms. Check out Cora in the powder blue number - or Kielty in the white jacket! And I love how Kyle Snyder and Dustin Pedrioa ended up standing next to each other!
Big Papi looks like a natural here on the balcony - hmm, he isn't a native born American, so he can't be President. Maybe he could be VP to---

Not sure if Josh is doing an imitation of Evita or the "King of the World" scene in Titanic. Actually, now that I consider it, I'm sure it's the latter. He is on top of the world these days!

Two days until I can watch some live baseball on NESN!

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