Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Doctor

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away (is that how you'd classify Rhode Island?), I was a big fan of "Doctor Who." Oh, the day I discovered it on my local PBS channel... I loved Tom Baker. Not handsome, not even all that good looking, but so compelling as the mysterious Time Lord.

Now, I have re-discovered the Doctor on the Sci Fi Channel. I've been following the new adventures for three or four seasons now, and am totally enamored of David Tennant and the new gang:

(On the right, crouching, is John Barrowman, aka Captain Jack, now the star of the spin-off "Torchwood" - which I also love)

This week wrapped up a two-part episode, featuring former ER star Alex Kingston as a mysterious woman from the Doctor's future. The two actors have incredible chemistry! Never has Tennant seemed more compelling, more poignant, more sexy. Here's an early scene:

And this scene had me in tears:

Aren't they awesome together? I hope they bring her back for some further adventures - and an explanation of their relationship!!

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Blogger Ted D said...

Beth, I'd seen everyone talking about Dr. Who on the board, but the one I remembered is the guy you posted at the top; had a buddy who used to watch that show constantly!

Have a great time next week; be careful and have a ball!

11:10 AM  
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