Thursday, June 19, 2008

Over and out, Tiger

Photo from the Back Nine Blog

I'm so over Tiger Woods, and have been for quite a while. He is a freakishly fantastic golfer, but once he gets into contention, all the excitement of watching golf (!) is gone for me. I don't enjoy his robotic determination to win at all costs - and apparently at the risk of doing serious injury to himself, as he proved this weekend at the US Open. Oh, how I would have loved to see Rocco Mediate turn the tables on Tiger and beat him soundly. I have to wonder, however, if Tiger had lost, how much he and his PR machine would have spun his injury...

I honestly have lost interest in watching golf since the Tiger surge. I know that isn't true for most Americans, who seem to only be interested in watching when Tiger does play. Me, I like to watch the Rocco Mediates, the Billy Andrades, the Bret Quigleys, the Brad Faxons. Okay, I'm showing my Rhode Island homerism - but so what.

So, now with the Celtics glorious victory behind us and Tiger out for the year, we can focus on what truly is most important in the world:

Red Sox Baseball!!

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