Friday, February 29, 2008

Video at the White House

Okay, last thing I'm posting about the White House visit. Here's the AP's video from YouTube.

And in the "From the Ridiculous to the Sublime" Department, the team left the White House and went on a visit to the Walter Read Army Medical Center. There, the greeted injured vets just recently returned from Iraq and the Gulf. The Herald and have good accounts of the visit, and the Globe has some photos.

I think it was awesome that they do that. Not only because those brave men and women are deserving of any attention they get for what they've sacrificed for our country. But I also think it's a real reality check, especially for the younger players. They've all been caught up in seeing themselves as American heroes, and I think meeting some true heroes can only have a positive impact on them.

And now, it's almost time to put 2007 behind us. We still have Opening Day (April 8th!) ahead, but tonight is the first game of Spring Training - being broadcast live on NESN! Yeah, time for Don "Donny O" Orsillo and Jerry "RemDawg" Remy. I can't wait!! I only hope there's some pizzer tossing in the stands!!

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YOUK and Tek go back to back; gotta be a good omen for the season.

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